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Home brew is becoming immensely popular in Australia. It’s no longer old guys in sheds making insipid Australian draft beer or dangerous, disgusting spirits. People of all ages and gender are now setting up brew kits and making an appealing range of beer, spirits, wine and cider. At One Stop Bar Shop, we’re here to help these home brewing enthus...

Home brew is becoming immensely popular in Australia. It’s no longer old guys in sheds making insipid Australian draft beer or dangerous, disgusting spirits. People of all ages and gender are now setting up brew kits and making an appealing range of beer, spirits, wine and cider. At One Stop Bar Shop, we’re here to help these home brewing enthusiasts. We have everything you need to get started or take your brewing to the next level. For the beer geeks, we have all the necessary equipment for bottling, cleaning, sanitising, and measuring, as well as the all important ingredients to home brew beer. Whether you’re a committed kit-brewer or taking the reins with a full-blown mash, we have the ingredients you need to home brew beer. For distillers, we have stills in a variety of sizes as well as filtration devices to remove any unwanted impurities. There’s also a selection of essences to give the final touch to a range of liquors and hard spirits. For winemakers, we have beginners’ kits to get you started as an amateur vintner or all the necessary equipment that an experienced winemaker needs. For cider makers, we have a range of home brewing kits in different flavours, including the traditional dry apple, a delicate elderflower, or strawberry and pear for an extra kick of flavour. Whichever fermented or distilled beverage you’re looking to home brew – beer, wine, cider or spirits – we have the necessary equipment and advice.


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  • Beer Consumables

    There are a dozen ways you can make beer – from a simple brew kit on your stove top to a three tiered set up in your garage. Whichever method you use, you’re going to need top quality ingredients. One Stop Bar Shop can provide home brewing supplies Australia wide. A malt extract kit is a great way to get started in brewing. A kit contains all the ingredients needed to produce beer – including malt extract, hops, and yeast – as well as easy-to-follow instructions. Once you have your beer brewing supplies, the basic process is simple (boil malt extract, cool, add yeast and ferment) and extra steps like adding in speciality malts, bittering hops, and aroma hops can be used to customise your brew. For brewers looking to have full control over the end product, the next step up is partial or full mashes. In this method, malt extract is replaced by mashing the malt to extract the sugars and proteins. From malt extract through to full mashes, we have the best beer brewing supplies. We have malt extract from a very wide variety of suppliers (including Brewcraft, Muntons, Mangrove Jacks, Black Rock, Morgan’s, and Coopers), as well as converter kits to define the style a bit more. We also have ingredients like malt, hops, dextrose, corn syrup, yeast and more. We can ship our home brew supplies from Sydney to Perth and anywhere in between in Australia. Shop online or in-store today and please feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have.

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  • Spirit Equipment

    Brewing and distilling spirits is an interesting and rewarding hobby – so long as you have the right attitude and equipment. Fortunately, One Stop Bar Shop can kit you out with everything you need to make a variety of home brew spirits. The most essential piece of equipment for distilling is a still. These come in a variety of sizes from the small 9L Still Spirits Complete Turbo Air Still through to the much larger Turbo 500. To add a depth of flavour to your spirits, we have barrels for aging and essence to flavour. And, of course, we have all of the less interesting, but absolutely necessary, cleaning and sanitising products to ensure only the flavours you want are present. All of our home brew spirits equipment and ingredients are available online and in-store. We can deliver to wherever you are in Australia and our friendly team is more than happy to answer any of your questions and give advice for getting the most out of your still.

    Please note: the legislation and restrictions surrounding the production and distilling of spirits vary from country to country. It’s a great idea to always check your local laws before embarking upon spirits production.

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  • Wine Equipment

    Whether you’re making a deep, full bodied Burgundy or a light crisp Riesling, One Stop Bar Shop has the wine making equipment you need to make the perfect drop – in the comfort of your own home! If you’re a complete beginner, we have a beginners’ wine kit that is an easy and cost-effective way of setting up yourself as a hobby winemaker. For those with a few vintages under their belt, we have all the tools you need, from heaters and hydrometers to bottle trees and brushes. Creating any fermented product is 10% making and 90% cleaning – and wine making is no exception. We offer a range of high quality cleaning and sanitising gear that will ensure that the only bacteria and yeast in your brew are the ones you want. We also have all the bottling gear required to transfer your wine from fermenter to barrel to bottle. You can purchase wine making equipment here on our website for nationwide delivery or come in and visit our friendly, knowledgeable team at our store in Mornington. We’re always happy to help with any questions you have, either in-store, over the phone or via email – simply get in touch and get cracking on making great tasting wine!

  • Cheese Making

    Making your own cheese is fun, easy, and delicious! With the right ingredients, tools, and a little bit of enthusiasm, you can make deli-quality cheese – at a fraction of the cost. Cheese making kits are an ideal way to get into creating your own brie, camembert, cheddar or Colby. Once you have the hang of it, you can experiment with a wide range of styles, drawing inspiration from all over the world, from English Stilton to Italian Mozzarella and maybe even Greek feta! At One Stop Bar Shop, we have a range of cheese making kits and accessories, including the very popular Mad Millie Cheese Kit range. Each kit comes with everything you need to make several batches of cheese. You’ll get all the tools (like draining containers and thermometers) and ingredients (like rennet and citric acid) that you need, as well as simple-to-follow, comprehensive instructions. The Mad Millie Cheese Kit range can be purchased in-store or online. We deliver Australia wide. Either way, you’ll earn points towards future purchases. If you’re unsure which kit is right for you or need some expert advice on ensuring your next batch is a success, talk to our friendly knowledgeable team. We’re always happy to help out so feel free to drop us a line.

  • Cider Consumables

    Cider is gaining immense popularity, helped in no small part by its crisp, refreshing flavour. Dry and tart, it’s the perfect drink for hot summer afternoons – and you can easily make it at home! The cider brew kit range at One Stop Bar Shop has something for everyone. The Mad Millie Beginner Kit is the perfect place to start if you haven’t tried your hand at cider before. It contains everything needed to need to make about 9 litres of cider, including natural fruit concentrate from the Millie’s garden, and easy, step-by-step instructions. Making cider is incredibly easy, providing you follow the instructions and are vigilant in your cleaning and sanitising. For those who have already tried a few batches of cider and know their tastes, we have several cider brewing kits to test out your skills. These are available in a variety of different flavours. From the delicate Elderflower through to the sweeter strawberry and pear, there are plenty of options to explore. All of our cider brew kits are available online – with delivery Australia wide – and in-store at our premises in Mornington. If you have any questions about making cider, get in touch with our staff – they’re always happy to talk all things brewing.

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