Beer Kit/Concentrate Ingredients

Beer Kit/Concentrate Ingredients

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  • Thomas Coopers Series

    Thomas Coopers Premium range of Beer Kits. The Thomas Cooper series comprises high quality pure malted barley extracts, each with its own specifically matched yeast blend and are designed to be used with additional brewing adjuncts to replicate the bolder characters and flavours associated with popular craft beers.

    A good example of this is the Brew A IPA which has a significant level of both bittering and aromatic hops matched with west coast style yeast which when made as directed will give a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) level, extra hoppy IPA typical of the north west USA craft breweries.

    The new Thomas Cooper range includes an Amber Ale, US American Pale Ale and US Indian Pale Ale (IPA), styles of beer which together represent the majority of craft beers consumed.

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