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    Still Spirits Distiller's Yeast - Whiskey A pure whisky strain yeast. Ideal for use with Alembic Pot Still when making your authentic whisky from scratch. Produces robust and authentic flavours even in high alchol fermentations up to 15% ABV

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    Includes the specially blended carbohydrates and carbon – Still Spirits Turbo Sugar, in the 6kg production packs they include the Still Spirits Classic 6 Yeast and in the 8kg production pack includes the Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast, both packs include Still Spirits Liquid Carbon, Still Spirits Turbo Clear and the Still Spirits EZ Carbon...

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    Air Still Ingredient pack (Still Spirits Turbo Triple Distilled yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear & 3 carbon cartridges) plus 2.4kg of air still dextrose.

  • Turbo Power Distilling Yeast - Still Spirits Power is used where high alcohol strength is the most important thing. Fermenting to 23% ABV in the wash will increase the still yield by nearly one third! Only use where cool air temperature (between 18–24°C) can be maintained. Remember, the more alcohol produced by the yeast, the lower the final distillate...

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    Turbo Express Yeast - Still Spirits Express is the fastest Turbo on the planet, fermenting out 6kg of sugar in less than 24 hours and producing very good distillate quality. It is important that water start temperature is correct and only 6kg of sugar is used to get maximum speed. We recommend you use Turbo Carbon as it will significantly improve the...

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    Essential to clear the wash before distillation. Removes 95% of yeast cells & solids with 24hrs. Cells burst open during boiling releasing off flavours & aromas in the finished spirit.

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    Classic Turbo - Best all-rounder

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  • Turbo Sugar 1kg - Still Spirits   Mixture of the best fermenting sugars & 2 special grades of carbon. Improves fermentation action & removes by-products as it works for the cleanest fermented spirit base you can get.

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    PURE (Formerly know as Triple Distilled Turbo) – Ultimate quality

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    All ingredients & consumables required to ferment & Filter your alcohol. Includes Turbo Classic yeast, Turbo Clear, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Sugar 8kg & EZ carbon cartridge (new generation filter cartridge)

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      Air Still Production Twin Double Pack   Two Air Still Ingredient packs (Still Spirits Turbo Triple Distilled yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear & 3 carbon cartridges) plus 2x2.4kg of air still dextrose.     This production pack is the on going consumables for the Air Still 10L system

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    Glucose Dextrose 1kg For both brewing & spirit making. Unlike ordinary sugar (sucrose) it produces no cidery tasting by-products

Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items