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    This pack includes all cleaning and sanitising equipments and basic ingredients for the fastest cleaning experience for beer and wine bottling.Everything that is required for an efficient and effective operation.

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    750ml Twist-Top PET plastic beer bottle, coloured brown to help protect from UV sunlight damage Comes with plastic twist top lids, designed to be light for easy mobility.

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    The bottle tree is designed to hold the bottles on an angle, allowing for fast drying, collecting excess liquid at the base of the tree Holds 63 bottles, branches can be bought seperately to increase capacity. This unit also can hold the bottle rinser pump on top to help make an easy fuss free bottling

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    This unit saves time! It is a must have when bottling your beer or wine Rinse with Brewclean then rinse off, then rinse with Brewshield. Do a whole batch of bottles in 10 min. Can be used independantly or fitted to top of bottle draining tree to make an integrated unit.

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    Nylon bottle brush, suitable for cleaning all bottles and comes standard with our beer and wine beginner kits has a tuft tip or packed tip to clean the base of the bottles more effectively

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    Bottling tube, also known as a "blue bottler" fits the fermenter plastic tap. Allows for effective and efficient filling of wine or beer bottles from the base of the bottle. When the spring loaded button on the bottom of the tube is pressed against the base of the bottle.

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    large and wide test flask with stable footed base for easy recording of accurate measurements

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    The favourite for beer & winemakers. Incorporates specific gravity, potential alcohol & sugar g/L scales.

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    One of the most useful tools when making beer, this bench capper will make light and safe work when bottling your beer. This unit allows a more controlled bottle capping pressure with the use of the lever, resulting in less breakages and the use of more fragile bottles the capper can be free stand or be bolted to the bench via its solid base, the unit...

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    sugar measures doses for 330 ml. 500ml, 750ml bottles important to accurately measure the right quantity for secondary fermentation, otherwise poor carbonation or over carbonation will occur.

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    Heater Brew Panel - Fermenter Heating   Heating panel, highly recommended for the winter seasons where fermentation may struggle with lower temp. highly durable with a 25W element, 3 year support

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    Brewery Beer Beginner Kit An excellent way to get started home brewing - the Brewery Beer Beginner Kit contains everything you need to make 23 litres of beer, including your first brew kit. This is one of the best and most cost effective ways of getting all the necessary equipment to start home brewing, plus you get clear instructions on how to brew.

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items