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    Bottling tube, also known as a "blue bottler" fits the fermenter plastic tap. Allows for effective and efficient filling of wine or beer bottles from the base of the bottle. When the spring loaded button on the bottom of the tube is pressed against the base of the bottle.

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    750ml Twist-Top PET plastic beer bottle, coloured brown to help protect from UV sunlight damage Comes with plastic twist top lids, designed to be light for easy mobility.

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    640ml Pry-Off long neck beer bottle, coloured brown to help protect from UV sunlight damage We favour glass bottles over plastic, as plastic is harder to clean and is likely to bring undesired flavours into the product. These beer bottles have a pry-off lip on the top making them favourable over the twist top lids as it creates a stronger seal with the...

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    sugar measures doses for 330 ml. 500ml, 750ml bottles important to accurately measure the right quantity for secondary fermentation, otherwise poor carbonation or over carbonation will occur.

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    One of the most useful tools when making beer, this bench capper will make light and safe work when bottling your beer. This unit allows a more controlled bottle capping pressure with the use of the lever, resulting in less breakages and the use of more fragile bottles the capper can be free stand or be bolted to the bench via its solid base, the unit...

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    Bottle Capper Hand Held

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    FastRacks are compact, stackable and eliminate contact with the inside of the bottle. FastRacks are versatile and fit various bottle sizes to ensure all bottles can be stored efficiently. The FastRack consists of two different parts, the tray and the racks. Please select the part that you require and the quantity you need. Please note: Bottles are not...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items