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    The Still Spirits Turbo Air Still system is a revolutionary still which is designed to fit right in at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances. It looks like a kettle, works like a kettle. This unit requires no technical know-how and is simple to use.

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    STILL SPIRITS COMPLETE TURBO AIR STILL SYSTEM   Designed to blend in with your everyday kitchen appliances, the Still Spirit Turbo Air Still system is a revolutionary product that lets you make beautiful alcohol with no technical know-how needed. It looks and works just like a kettle and is incredibly simple to use and quick – it only takes 2 hours to...

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    Graduated collecting vessel for the Air Still plus a carbon cartridge filter for purifying water or distilled spirit.   The Air Still EZ Carbon Filter is used for collecting the alcohol as it comes off the Still Spirit Turbo Air Still, with measurements on the inside to accurately measure volume. The other part of the equipment filters the impurities out...

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    Air Still Ingredient pack (Still Spirits Turbo Triple Distilled yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear & 3 carbon cartridges) plus 2.4kg of air still dextrose.

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    Carbon cartridges for both the Air Still Carbon Filter & the air trap on the Air Still fermenter. This product is a pressed carbon cartridge, designed to absorb all impurities left in the product after distillation. This process is VERY important as it will clean your product of extremely harmful impurities that can not be noticed by taste along with...

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    Replacement ceramic beeds for the Turbo Air Still   These create a boiling surface though out the distillation process, it prevents boiling surges and provides a steadying release of built up gases

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    Air Still Washers (10) - Still Spirits Replacement washers for sealing carbon cartridges in Air Still carbon filter & also Air Still 10L fermenter airlock.    

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    Air Still Silicon Ring Replacement silicon seal to fit on the Air Still Distillation System Lid to ensure a snug fit and keep the Air Still is air tight.

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    Heater Brew Panel - Fermenter Heating   Heating panel, highly recommended for the winter seasons where fermentation may struggle with lower temp. highly durable with a 25W element, 3 year support

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    6kg Production Pack - EZ Triple Distilled - Still Spirits Distinctive mixed of special sugars and activated carbon, Still Spirits Turbo Sugar, inside the 6kg production packs include your Still Spirits Pure Yeast, also packs inclues Still Spirits Turbo Clear 

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    AIR STILL INFUSION BASKETThe Still Spirits Air Still Infusion Basket is a stainless-steel basket suitable to infuse your neutral distilled spirit with botanicals such as juniper, lemon, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, chilli or other flavouring ingredients.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items