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    Helles brewing is the epitome of German brewing, there’s good brewing and then there’s helles brewing. Nothing short of perfection is the goal of making this Bavarian lager.

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    A classic style and arguably the forerunner to the development of quality beer in the US. This is a slightly different take on it using the same classic malt bill, but using a mixture of old and new hops for a punchier flavour and aroma.

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    Simcoe is the powerhouse of the new wave of American craft brewing, released in the year 2000 and of unknown (and dubious) parentage this hop is used almost obsessively by brewers in the US and is most commonly linked to IPAs.

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    A light malt base with touch of wheat give it's pale colour and body, while the US hop Summit along with a couple of kiwi classics provide a spicy citrus and passionfruit tang.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items