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When it comes to glassware we have a huge range avaliable in our Mornington showroom, then we can order in glassware, we are placing regular specialty glassware orders.

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    From a nonic pint glass for a seasonable ESB through to Pilsner glass for lighter lagers, One Stop Bar Shop has all the beer glasses you could ever need. With the rising popularity of craft beers and the increasing demand for an appropriate presentation of the various styles, many bars are looking to expand their collection of beer glasses in Melbourne and across Australia. Of course, there’s still a place for the ever-faithful dimpled handle and jug. These are ideal for relaxed drinking spots, like sports clubs, beer gardens, and local pubs. Whatever the style of your establishment, we have a glass to match. You can view and purchase our beer glasses in our Melbourne store or order online for nationwide delivery. If you have any questions at all, please contact our staff via phone, email, or in store and they will be happy to furnish you with the answers.

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    ShatterProof Drinkware Shatterproof Drinkware offers the ultimate in performance in the most demanding areas of the foodservice industry. Features of Shatterproof Drinkware Manufactured from Polycarbonate our drinkware is virtually unbreakable and is of a commercial grade quality. It can handle almost any situation that the foodservice and hospitality industries can dish out. Will not break, chip or craze – Polycarbonate drinkware is very durable and can withstand the roughest treatment. Dishwasher safe – Our shatterproof drinkware handles with ease the extreme conditions of a commercial dishwasher. Stain resistant & odour resistant – Prevents stains and odours forming on glass. Excellent insulation properties – Polycarbonate is an excellent insulator and is resistant to thermal shock. Our drinkware will keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer than a traditional glass. Savings in cost – Savings will be gained through the elimination of breakages and the ability of the product to go through a dishwasher thousands of times without chipping or cracking. Ideal uses and situations for Shatterproof Drinkware Shatterproof Drinkware is the definitive safety product for: • Around pools • Outdoors & major events • Functions & festivals • Stadiums • Bars • Restaurants When customer safety and peace of mind are high on your agenda try the range of Shatterproof Drinkware as the safer alternative.

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    Yard Glasses, Birthday Steins, Skull Glasses, Beer Glasses and much more available in store.