Air Still Complete System Deluxe 30L Beginner Kit with EZ Filter & Heater


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Air Still Complete System Deluxe 30L Beginner Kit with EZ Filter & Heater

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Air Still Complete System Deluxe 30L Beginner Kit with EZ Filter & Heater

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Distilling and filtering equipment
1 x Still Spirits Air Still Turbo System - Still Spirits
1 x EZ Carbon Filter System - Still Spirits
1 x Fermenter 30L/Window lid
1 x Tap with sediment reducer
1 x Thermometer digital Small Stick on
1 x Long Stirring Spoon
1 x Grommets - Airlock
1 x Air lock vintage bubbler (S-Bend)
1 x Heater Brew Panel - Fermenter Heating - Brewcellar
Testing Equipment
1 x Hydrometer Test Flask
1 x Hydrometer & test tube SG scale Beer
1 x Hydrometer Spirit % scale Alcohol
Ingredients & Sanitising/Cleaning solutions
1 x Turbo 6kg Production Pack - PURE Distilled - Still Spirits
1 x Morgan's Sanitize 250ml
1 x Morgan's Lo Suds 250ml - Brewers Detergent
1 x Classic Australian Gold Rum - Premium Still Spirits

The Still Spirits Turbo Air Still system is a revolutionary still which is designed to fit right in at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances. It looks like a kettle, works like a kettle but makes beautiful alcohol instead. This unit requires no technical know-how and is simple to use, producing enough alcohol to make a 1 litre bottle in just 2 hours.

This unit is air cooled, so it doesn't require a water flow for cooling, which is perfect for regions that are experiencing water shortages, or where you do not have access to running cold water or the room to setup a more advanced system.

Check out our "" to see how easy it is

Please note: We are using an upgraded fermenter, larger simpler alcohol filtering system and significantly improved ingredients pack from which are used in video. 

The Still Spirits Air Still Spirit Beginner Kit is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It includes The Still Spirits Air Still with two options, Air Still Equipment Companion Pack (the 10L or the 30L fermenter, testing specific gravity equipment, alcohol percentage testing equipment, cleaning solution, sterilising solution, the Still Spirits EZ Filteration System) and the first batch of ingredients – Still Spirits 2.4kg Twin or 6kg Air Still Triple Distilled Production Pack. These two items combined will mean you will have everything to get to your final high quality filtered distilled unflavoured alcohol.

Their are two variations of the triple distilled production pack, the 2.4kg twin pack and the 6kg pack. The main different comes to the special blended carbohydrates and activated carbon. The 6kg production pack has 6kg of still spirits turbo sugars, where as the 2.4kg twin pack has 2 packets of 2.4kg dextrose, along with two of all ingredients to make two batches. Both the 6kg and the 2.4kg twin packs include the Still Spirits Triple Distilled Yeast, Still Spirits Liquid Carbon, Still Spirits Turbo Clear and the Still Spirits EZ Carbon Filteration Cartridge. This ingredients pack is everything to get your first batch on its way, also known as a “wash”. This production pack has been specifically designed to produce the highest quality beverage alcohol with the lowest level impurities. It achieves this by using the special blend of turbo sugars and triple distilled yeast to make the alcohol, then to help its growth in the fermenter we add liquid carbon to help absorb the impurities while it ferments. After fermentation we use the turbo clear to help settlement and any excess carbohydrates and yeast will drop to the bottom of the fermenter. We then decant the clear wash off and distill using the air still distillation unit.

The Still Spirits EZ filter is a very important part of the manufacturing process, after distillation there will be traces of impurities which are still harmful to the human body. Using the filter, it is very similar to filtering water, but we have a special blend of different types of carbon to filter out different types of impurities.

All you need from here is the flavours which you which to reproduces. The most popular is of the Still Spirits Classic Essences. Which focuses on the high quality imitations of bourbons, whiskey’s, gins, brandys and rums. Imitations like that of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Glenfiddich, Bundaberg Rum, Navy Rum and so on. The range of flavourings is substantial and anything can be reproduced and manipulated to personal preference of tastes.


Included in this package:

  • Still Spirits Turbo Air Still System
  • Turbo 6kg Production Pack - Triple Distilled - (Enough ingredients to product 4 litres of spirit at 40%)
  • Air Still Companion Pack (upgraded fermenter from 10 litre to 30 litre)

This package allows the ability to ferment a larger batch of alcohol wash, then be able to distill using the Air Still distillation unit at your own choice, with the wash once fermented can store for about 2 weeks. The fermentation taking 7-10 days depending on conditions is usually the most time consuming part of the process, with the ability to produce the wash in larger quantities makes the process that more convenient.

The Still Spirits Air Still included in this package is optimal for the process, with the current boiling temperature to prevent burning of the product, safety switches to prevent damage in the case of boiling dry, and is stainless steel for easy temp. control and cleaning. This product was designed to look like a kitchen appliance instead of an industrial hardware.


Price of final product

This may vary depending on what you’re making with regards to whiskey, brandy, bourbon or liqueurs, also the actual varying qualities available. But working on the highest quality and many suggested blend of ingredients you are looking at roughly $10 per the bottle which is comparable to a sixty dollars which is of triple distilled commercial grade bought from your every day spirits retailer. Higher and low alcoholic beverage quality levels can be achieved, as there’s the sliding range quality for quantity depending on the ingredients used.

This particular figure has been fully aggravated to consider every aspect for cleaning, aging, distilling and mixing of your drinks.


The on going consumables are the air still production packs and the flavourings


Cost of procedure

The machine runs on a 320w element, but with different ingredients, its operation period will vary but between 2 hours often is the common guideline for a complete operation. At $0.13 kilo watt hour, the machines costs  are trivial, below ten cents energy consumption to operate, in addition, it doesn’t require a discharge such as other stills. These prices will be different depending on area and current power prices



There are 100's of flavourings available, check out the link spirit consumables under home brewing. We are not restricted to the still spirits brands, we stock all the essenses from high quality brands (Essencia, Prestige and Still Spirits)



Please note that in certain countries alcohol distillation may be illegal and you may require a licence. Ask for advice or contact your local Customs & Excise Department.

Please note: it is required to obtain a licence for this unit when producing alcohol for consumption, but not for water distillation. Please consult the Australian Customs & Excise Department

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Air Still Complete System Deluxe 30L Beginner Kit with EZ Filter & Heater

Air Still Complete System Deluxe 30L Beginner Kit with EZ Filter & Heater

Air Still Complete System Deluxe 30L Beginner Kit with EZ Filter & Heater

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